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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Red Rock Contractors apart from other builders?

Relationship, relationship, and reputation. You might wonder why relationship came first and second? One can go to a builder’s website and see pictures of the projects they build and you might even be able to get some generalized pricing and budget ideas. But one of the biggest parts of building any project is having a good relationship with the builder you are about to spend the next several months working with.  We not only pride ourselves on building the highest quality projects but also on building lasting client relationships.

Should I choose my builder or my designer first?

Your relationship with your builder will last for years. Your relationship with your designer/architect should only have to last a few months if chosen and handled properly. Your builder is ultimately responsible to make sure your project remains within your budget. It is in your builder’s best interest to keep the design process moving along swiftly so that we can begin construction on your home. We will work closely with your designer to help keep everything on track. Red Rock has worked with many designers over the years and can help in choosing the correct designer that suits the client, budget and location. Red Rock will inform you and your designer of the multiple unique building practices that set our standards apart and make our projects so unique.



Why should I choose a design-build firm as opposed to a design only firm?

Red Rock Design and Red Rock Contractors are small companies that selectively accept new clients. If accepted, an owner of the company will manage your project from design through completion and will remain your primary contact. Our talented team of design professionals have extensive construction experience and will remain involved during the construction process. This provides a number of benefits. Our construction documents are practical, accurate and easy to construct. We are able to design to a budget, efficiently streamlining the back and forth typically experienced with other firms. Our designs will more accurately represent the finished product which results in fewer clarifications, changes and change orders. If a change is desired, the project can evolve quickly and efficiently in the field. Your primary contact will be there to answer questions as opposed to changing hands with multiple companies. There is greater accountability and less finger pointing with a design-build firm. Our benefit is building a better relationship with you that may develop into future opportunities.

What types of projects do you design?

We’ve built an unparalleled reputation in the custom pool industry.  We also specialize in Custom Homes, Restaurants, Hospitality and Landscape Design.  We are always interested in the creative and unique.  Contact Us today to discuss your commercial and/or residential project.

What geographic areas does Red Rock Design serve?

We are a national and international design company. We can do design work for projects anywhere in the world.  Our designers make themselves available to international clients on schedules that work well for the client, regardless of their location.

Who will design my project?

Red Rock is a small company that selectively accepts new clients. For local clients, the owners of the company will visit with you on site and/or in your home in a free consultation. We have a dedicated team of designers that will work hard to make your project a success but you will maintain your relationship with the owner as a point of contact for the duration of your project. We want these relationships to last well beyond the duration of the project.

What should I expect during the design process?

The design will be completed in phases. First, research will be done to hang the parameters for design. This may include survey and modeling of the existing site and structures if necessary. We will ask for your detailed input regarding the desired form and function of the project. Next, we’ll prepare preliminary designs for your approval. Once the preliminary designs are complete and approved, construction documents will be prepared for permit submittal.

What are your fees?

Every project is unique. Our competitive design fee will account for the detailed scope of work involved. Contact Us today for a free consultation.

What is included in a complete design package?

Our base package includes all documents, details and engineering needed to obtain building permits and for construction of the project. Additional detailing and rendering is performed at an hourly rate to the level detail desired by the client.


How do I ensure I can build my house within my budget? What can I do to stay on track and on budget?

We build our projects on a cost plus basis meaning we will only charge you the actual cost of construction plus a fee that is a percentage of the entire project cost.  This give you complete control of your budget.  The only way to know the true cost of making changes, additions or omissions is to be able to review the actual proposals and receipts.  The cost plus process ensures that both of us will make sure we maintain a budget you are comfortable with. Since you will be provided a budget, broken down to each individual item, together we can review and adjust the project details continuously as needed.

How long will it take to complete the project?

Depending on the project scope, a typical custom home takes between 10 to 18 months from when we break ground. However, do not forget that there is a substantial amount of time required for planning, design, permits, and HOA approvals that will all add to the overall time frame.

How do I avoid being overwhelmed by the details?

Taking on a custom home project can be a daunting task, and the best way to avoid being overwhelmed is to ask for help in areas that you do not feel comfortable. Red Rock will handle all of the construction details, coordination, budgeting, scheduling, etc. However, there still is the need for finalizing all of the finish details (cabinets, flooring, paint choices, door styles, counter tops, appliances, etc). We recommend that unless you have a lot of free time and are very comfortable with these tasks that you hire a professional interior designer to help. With so many choices available, a professional interior designer will make for an extremely enjoyable experience and will bring to light any great ideas and products you might have been unaware of. We can recommend a number of very good interior designers that we have worked with in the past.

When should I impose my personal tastes and desires?

From the beginning to the end and everywhere in between! We are building this house for you to enjoy and live in. It should be the pinnacle of everything you desire. We will certainly provide some input when necessary or to help in the decision process, but it is your input that makes it your home.

What happens if I want/need to make changes during the construction of my home?

We are open to any and all changes, and will even recommend some of our own during a typical custom home project. We will advise you of the cost of the changes, extension of time needed for some changes, and the impact to other aspects of the construction in order to allow you to make an informed decision. Using cost plus, you will also be able to see the real cost of changes, and not be charged some inflated margins.

Who supervises your construction?

We have an expert staff of Field Superintendents that will handle the day to day construction activities of your project. There is also a Project Manager in the office that assists with getting bids, scheduling, and maintaining your budget. In addition, Rick Chafey oversees each and every custom home or remodeling project to make sure our standards are upheld.

Who will I be dealing with during construction?

You will be assigned a Project Manager who will handle most of the communication and project coordination. He will keep you updated with respect to scheduling, budgeting, and confirming selections, as well as help keep you informed of any changes or upcoming issues. Even though you will work with your Field Superintendent and your Project Manager on a daily basis, Rick Chafey will still be your main point of contact, and will oversee your entire project.

How often will I be updated on the progress of the construction?

As often as you need to be! As a standard practice, we try to provide a written update every week, which will include a schedule and budget update as well as a forecast of what to expect in the coming weeks.

What type of warranty do you provide? How long is the coverage?

We have always provided an uncompromising level of service to our clients. Although we can only provide warranty service within the legal requirements of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, we will always provide our assistance in any aspect of maintaining your home, or upholding the warranties of manufacturers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Whether your home is still “technically under warranty” or not, we will be more than happy to assist you in resolving any sort of problem. Almost every one of our clients has us maintain keys and access to their homes at all times in order to be able to handle warranty issues, service issues, or emergency repairs. For many of our clients that have multiple residences, we also visit their homes periodically just to confirm everything is in order. You will have 24 hour access to Red Rock Contractors in the event of any problems, and we will respond with whatever resources are necessary to provide you with complete satisfaction; just ask our previous clients.

In what geographic area do you build the most homes?

Most of our projects are in the Phoenix Metro area, primarily the east valley, including Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, and Paradise Valley. However, we have traveled as far as Flagstaff, Heber-Overgaard and Payson for some of our clients.

What does Red Rock Contractors do to “build green”?

Red Rock has been on the forefront of environmentally stable and friendly building practices since inception. Building green is not new to our team; it is just now becoming a common concept for everyone. We use building practices that minimize material usage and construction techniques that provide for much more economical operating systems. We specify a number of different building products to minimize resource usage, increase efficiency, increase indoor air quality, and increase overall sustainability of your home. From lumber choices to appliances, from air-conditioning to pool pumps, there are many ways to increase the “green” in your home. For a thorough discussion of why Red Rock is so “green”, please contact our office to set up a meeting with Rick Chafey.



Do you have experience with commercial work?

We have experience designing and building many types of commercial projects including restaurants, semi-commercial swimming pools, resort and community cores, among others. Contact us today to discuss your commercial project.


Why should I use Red Rock Pools and Spas?

We pride ourselves on the highest standards and quality when building any custom feature to your backyard. We are continuously researching and developing new ideas and designs to better our knowledge and offer our clients something unique. Our staff consists of a Professional Engineer, Project Management Professional and a Master Level Member of the Society of Watershape Designers (one of only 15 designers in the world to achieve this high level of training). All of our subcontractors are specialists in their fields. We personally handpick subcontractors who are fully licensed, bonded and insured and who are the best in the business. It is our job to make sure your experience is gratifying.

How long does it take to build a custom pool?

The average project takes 10-12 weeks to complete. More elaborate projects can take up to 6 months or more depending on the design, location, size, and complexity.

How much does a pool cost?

All projects are different, but a typical Red Rock project ranges from about $100,000 up to $1 million +.

What are your fees?

It is not just a simple number when it comes to setting our fees. It hinges on multiples items; location, complexity, finish level, project scale, and level or supervisions requested. However, our typical fees range from 14-25% depending on the project.

What geographical area does Red Rock Pools & Spas cover?

Most of the projects we build are in the Phoenix Metro area, primarily the East Valley, including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills among others. We do design and consultation work anywhere in the world. Call our office today to find out about services we can offer in your area.

Will a pool increase the value of my home?

Pools and landscapes are among the most frequent home improvements in the nation and can add monetary value as well as perceived value. The answer to this question relies on a several factors.  Ask your designer to show you how we have transformed basic ordinary yards into breathtaking works of art, adding much more than just cash value to a property. For more details, click here.

What if I have a small or difficult yard to work with?

A difficult site brings out the best in our designers. We specialize in creating unique designs for unique situations and thoroughly enjoy a good challenge.

How do you get into my backyard to dig my pool?

It depends on the individual situation. We use small sized equipment to get through walk gates. When necessary, we will take down a section of your wall in order to dig the pool and replace it after we finish digging. We have a solution to fit your situation.

Is a pool/spa hard to maintain?

A properly designed pool and spa should require less than 15 minutes of maintenance a week.

When do I learn how to use the pool/spa equipment?

After we fill your pool with water, your superintendent will go through a start up orientation with you and provide initial chemicals, brush, pole, net and test kit. He will also provide you a thorough explanation of all pumps, systems, and maintenance requirements.

Summer’s over. Should I wait until spring to build my new pool?

The fall is actually the best time to build your pool. During fall, our subcontractor base is typically slower allowing us to maintain tighter construction schedules. Additionally, our equipment suppliers will sometimes run special offers.

Is a fence required?

Just about every city has their own requirements for providing an access barrier to your pool. Some require fencing, some do not, and some site conditions will require different perimeter protection. Your designer will inform you of your city’s requirements and all options available to you.

Who supervises your construction?

Rick and Brett, the owners of Red Rock Contractors, often act as points of contact on our projects and work closely with our designers and field superintendents throughout construction. Our expert Field Superintendents have years of experience building both residential and commercial pools.

Who will I be dealing with during construction? How often will I be updated on the progress of construction?

You will have a single point of contact. We are in constant communication with our clients throughout the construction project. You will often be updated daily as to progress made. At a minimum we will reach out at least 2-3 times per week with updates.

What are your certifications?

Red Rock Pools and Spas is a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona. We are a member of the APSP and the Better Business Bureau. Our team researches new products, technologies, applications and attends professional seminars on a regular basis.
The following is just some of the training and certifications obtained by Red Rock and its employees:
Bachelor of Science – Construction Engineering
Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering
Master – Society of Watershape Designers
Project Management Professional
Certified Pool Operator
OSHA 10 Hour Certification
Hydraulic Certification
Electrical Certification
Easy Touch Certification
Technical Applications of Water in Transit
Pool Cleaning and Circulation System Certification
In Floor Technical Training Certification
Custom Pool and Spa Design
Glass Tile Installation Certification
Vanishing Edge Pool: Problems and Solutions Training
Design & Construction of Spas, Pools and Water Affects on difficult sits Training
Indoor Spas and Pool Design and Construction Certification
Engineering the proper application of Steel and Concrete Training
Use of Clear Panels Training
In and Around Water shapes Certification
Master Class in Water, Garden and Construction Design Training

What is a hard dig and how are the extra costs involved handled?

Typically in most locations in Arizona, we can dig your pool with standard equipment. Standard equipment refers to us using a standard size backhoe or trackhoe with a 12″ wide bucket. However, there are several valley locations that have either rock or hard soil. If we must use a hydraulic hammer, jack hammer, or rock drilling to excavate the pool, there will be extra charges. In the event we need to use additional equipment, you will be notified prior to us doing the work, and we will make an estimate of the hard dig cost for you to approve.

How can I be assured you are using quality parts and equipment when building my pool?

We continue to stay on the forefront of the best, newest, and most energy efficient pool equipment products available. We only use Pentair Pool Products and provide a 3 year warranty on equipment, controllers, and automation.

What type of warranty do you provide? How long is the coverage?

We provide an industry leading warranty package on all of our pools projects. For more information, please call the office and speak to our pool construction coordinator.

Do you remodel existing pools and landscapes?

Some of our most rewarding projects are remodeling existing pools and landscapes into timeless works of art. We can re-design your entire yard to match your vision.

I have been told that you need to get at least two or three bids so you can get the best price. How do I do that if I choose my builder first?

We use a process called cost plus. Cost plus allows us to competitively bid every phase, every supplier, and every subcontractor. We will get multiple bids for all cost line items, organize them, evaluate them and provide you with a comparison and copies of all proposals so we can choose the best value together.

What is a cost plus contract and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Cost plus is as simple as its name. We will only charge you the actual cost of construction plus a fee that is a percentage of the entire project cost. It gives you complete budget control. The only way to know the real cost of making changes, additions, or omissions is to be able to review the actual receipts and proposals. Throughout the process of building and designing a custom home, there will be many, many changes. You should only be charged the actual costs of those changes. Most builders increase their margin on changes…not Red Rock. Cost plus gives you the ability to decrease project cost if needed without a change order cost increase from the builder. Cost plus also allows the builder to only charge for the cost of construction; not contingencies, omissions, or inflated margins on changes. It is your house…you should be able to see every receipt, every proposal.

How will you assure the quality of other contracted labor?

It goes back relationships and experience. We utilize many of the same subcontractors time and time again. We do that because they have a proven track record providing our clients high quality at prices that represent a good value. We inevitably end up with a few new subcontractors on every project. For every new subcontractor, we do a complete reference check, vendor verification, and insurance and license verification. We monitor and oversee all aspects of the construction process in order to maintain our quality standards. We also provide specifications to all subcontractors to ensure they maintain our quality standards. It is only finished when we say its finished.

How can I easily determine if my desired plan is compatible with my lot?

We will be more than happy to evaluate your lot and project plans to make sure they fall within your anticipated budget, timeframe, and vision. We work with multiple designers that will be able to adapt to just about any project program to a given lot.

How much will the project cost?

I like to compare this question to purchasing a car. If you were to ask someone what a 4-door sedan costs, what would the answer be? It depends: if you are looking for a Nissan Maxima, it’s one price. If you are looking for a BMW 74-5i, it is a completely different price. The cost of a custom project is dependent of so many variables that it is not possible to provide a quote for construction without gathering quite a bit of information. Contact our office, and Rick Chafey will be more than happy to schedule a time to discuss your project, and help you prepare some budget numbers to start from.